Traditional headphones are stressful because they create pressure and generate heat. They’re also subtractive, in that they take you out of your environment, which makes communication difficult and awkward.

VIE SHAIR’s 3D molded air frame design floats the speaker just off your ear, and is extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear it with less stress and no sweat. It also allows you to interact with your environment while listening to your audio. 


VIE SHAIR's geometric open air frame brings natural and refreshing listening experience. It sounds like listening to music in open air live environment.

When you want privacy, the open air frame easily converts to a closed air frame.

Studio Sound

You can experience VIE SHAIR's quality sounds with the closed air frame. The sound,  powerful enough to travel distance in open air environment creates extremely powerful bass, and rich expression of mid/high range in closed air environment. It sounds like listening to music in perfectly designed audio room.


VIE brings you the best sound with its unique combination of cutting-edge speaker technology and an advanced audio codec by Yamaha.


VIE deploys Yamaha’s high spec MACH-5 audio module. MACH-5 is one of Yamaha’s most advanced codecs and provides high quality audio and many of the headphone’s unique functions.

  • Hi-Fi Audio (THD+N 0.008%), Ultra Low Noise HP
  • 4 Channel Input/Output
  • Music Enhancer (3-band Equalizer, Harmonic Enhancer, 2-5-2 surroundings, Multi-band Dynamic Range Compression)

Traditional headphones use dynamic speakers, which vibrate a cone or dome diaphragm to create sound waves. The cone or dome is glued on the edges and moved by passing a current through a coil of wires to repel magnets in the speaker. This motion creates sound waves. VIE uses planar magnetic speakers. In these speakers, instead of having a separate diaphragm and electric coil to move the diaphragm, the whole diaphragm is made of a printed circuit on a thin film, suspended in a uniform magnetic field. When electricity is passed through the film, the entire film vibrates in the magnetic field to create sound waves. This provides dramatic improvements over traditional dynamic speakers.

It can also broadcast audio to an unlimited number of VIE headphones.

It’s a sweat-free, safer and more social headphone.


"No more pinched ears or sweaty lobes — just a great pair of ‘phones you can rock for hours, discomfort-free!" - Digital Trends

"The Vie Shair wireless headphones use an "open air" design that cups around your ear without strongly pressing against it, while still promising strong sound quality and minimal audio leakage for anyone around you." - Stuff

"Comfort-wise, the headphones delivered on Vie's promise, and feel oddly refreshing to wear compared to my regular over-ear headphones I have on all day at work." - Mashable

"The Vie Shair headphones feature a unique air frame that relieves pressure on the ears while permitting more environmental awareness." - Gizmag

"The no-pinch headphones we’ve been waiting for!" - ChipChick


Enjoy open air, stress-free sound while watching VR or gaming (comfortably!) for hours on end, without disturbing others around you. Hear when your family calls, even with your headphones on. Share video or game audio with your friends using the broadcast function. 

Comfortably listen to your favorite tunes or podcast for extended periods of time, without causing ear fatigue. Wear the open air frame to ensure you never miss a call from your boss. Or, switch to the closed air frame for reduced ambient noise and improved concentration.

Enjoy a live DJ set in a unique atmosphere. Pump up the bass with the 3-band equalizer. Set the volume to your personal comfort level, and still be able to start a conversation with that interesting person across the floor. Interact with a venue full of people – with music and lights in perfect harmony.


Want to share in the experience? Wirelessly broadcast audio from your headphones to other VIE SHAIR headphones. By setting the “on air” mode, you can broadcast to an unlimited number of people. And when you want to join into the broadcasters audio, just set your headphones to receive.


The VIE smartphone app is designed for iPhone and Android and brings additional functions to your fingertips.

  • Audio Broadcasting and Pairing
  • 3-Band Equalizer Settings
  •  LED Light Control